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illeqwip® Sydney


  1. Badly or inadequately equipped.

  2. Without the skills, qualities or equipment necessary.

Have truer words ever been spoken?

Our journey hasn’t been simple. When we began we had no idea, no money, no contacts, a few skills, a couple of beers and a dream.

It would be a lie to say it’s been easy up until this point. What we can say is we have learnt, grown, failed, packed up, put down, slapped stickers, sprayed walls and started again. 

While it’s not officially the beginning anymore, it’s only just begun...


What we love about this city isn’t seen by everyone.

illeqwip® is a lifestyle label from Sydney, Australia that creates unique and timeless Streetwear. 

Our products are born from our inspirations.

We are driven to support, contribute, and help grow the culture that surrounds and inspire's us.

Our interests have shaped our perspective, challenge yours, and in time, you too will see this world the way we do.

This is Sydney.
We are illeqwip®