Being avid enthusiasts of streetwear culture, it was an easy decision as to who our first brand plug would go to. Created in amongst New York Cities, Lower Eastside by two art school dropouts, ONLY NY have been the benchmark ahead of the competition for many years. Established in 2007, ONLY have held supremacy in their field, producing nothing but high quality, clean and artistically appealing apparel. I can only speak on behalf of our team, but for us there are 2 clear things that make 'ONLY' supreme to the rest of the the streetwear market:

 1. They whole heartedly embrace their Community, Culture and City. This is not a difficult task being based in the greatest city on Earth, but ONLY are about the little things that make their Borough and City great. ONLY support anyone or anything that is typically 'New York'. They look at each person and occupation as an equally important piece to the intricate NYC puzzle. From the local Bodega or Deli owners, Pizza Delivery Boys to the underground artist who paint the backdrops to New York Life, they give respect and incorporate this in all their aesthetics. Their association and collaboration with NY Parks & Recreation and the MTA is a fine example of this.


ONLY make shirts and branding that mirror the art, food and community that surround their Head Quarters on Stanton Street. Their roots are deep and organic which makes them unique and original. This very concept of mirroring the community empowers its consumer to reflect on what is great about their own neighbourhoods, conveying a sense of identity which is evident in each of their garments.

ONLY are always, without fail, raising the bar artistically. In November, ONLY teamed up with Legacy Recordings and the Miles Davis Estate to pay tribute to the late and great, Miles Davis. ONLY created a limited edition collection featuring both archival and original designs as a way to pay respect to a man whose records resonated throughout the 5 Boroughs during the 50's, 60's & 70's.


2. ONLY is consistent. They makes clean designs that can be dressed up and down for all occasions. They draw on plain colour pallets and maintain distinct schemes according to the design or release theme. Their product release drops are regular and they maintain a fresh approach each time. Naturally, they repeat themes and logos but nothing ever seems to cross over from range to range. On top of all this, their product continues to evolve with each drop as they include a new item of clothing they may not yet have conquered. ONLY will always be a 'Tees, Hat, Hoodie' brand but they continue to push the game with jerseys, clean outwear, homeware and even shoes.


In recent years they have gone on to bigger things and teamed up with some larger brands for releases. Their collaboration with Vans was unquestionably their largest moment to date with the release of a small line consisting of Tees, Coaches Jackets and Hats. 


ONLY is the real deal and it's a huge inspiration to us here at StrictlyCollective and Illeqwip. If you haven't yet come across their apparel we strongly suggest you hit their website or drop into the store in NYC.

ONLY NY STORE: 176 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002, USA

PHONE: +1 646-649-5673