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This week we have chosen to hone in directly on our day one homie/Beat Beast and Turntablist, Prolifik The Gifted.

P, known to all government bodies as Zaac Seru, is one of the most underrated and important Producers/Deejays in Sydney at the moment. Prolifik by name, Prolific by nature,  P is responsible for the banging sounds of some of Sydney's most consistent underground acts including the likes of High Noon, Broken Thought Theory and BustaCap. 

His sound is distinct, channelling the essence of 90's Golden Era Hip Hop and Trap Music. Pro, makes what can only be describe as, BOOM TRAP- a synergy of BoomBap, Trap and Electronic sounds. He carefully dissects dusty samples and flips them into unrecognisable yet slamming arrangements. When a piece of his incredibly rich and layered music comes floating over your frequencies, the audience knows immediately that its made by him. P, is responsible for endless hospital casualties after shows all suffering from what can only be described as 'broken necks'. His drums and chops are gritty, hard and complex- listeners get completely immersed in his dense compositions. To add to all of the above, Seru is a top quality DJ with skills spread across Beat Matching, Mixing and scratching. He really is a formidable force and 'Prolifik' attribute to his crews. 

We were lucky enough to grab a minute of P's valuable time and for an interview as well as get the Don to throw together a Mix for our sound cloud (BBQMIX Vol.1). Peep both below and we hope this gives you some insight and shines some light on 2234's Maestro of the Boom and the Bap.

How long have you been working at your craft? 

I've been Deejaying a Producing music for well over 10 years now but if you really bring it back to the beginning, learning to play the drums is really what kicked it all off for me. Taking that into consideration, my musical journey has been ongoing for 16 years. 

Favourite piece of musical equipment? 

I’d have to say Native Instruments Maschine. Back in the days of MPC’s, I only dreamed of a piece of hardware that could do what Maschine does. The potential of Maschine is limitless and what I’ve noticed is that everyone seems to use it differently in whatever way works for them. Honestly, it has shifted not only how I produce music, but the music itself. 


What's your one defining characteristic that makes your music different? 

I arrange all of my beats as if an MC would be rapping on it. When I do have an artist spit on a track, I put a lot of time into the post production and sculpt the beat around the lyrics of a song. This can inspire me to add switch ups in the beat here and there- this takes the track to new dimensions. 

What have you been working on recently? 

I’ve been cooking up a bunch of Dj mixes lately but also been working on a project with State Advanced from Broken Thought Theory. We’ve got a tone of material now just in the process of defining it all. 

Whose making moves creatively in Sydney? 

Illeqwip- You know the name!


What Album had the most impact on you as a young buck? 

Dr Dre’s the chronic 2001

Favourite Beatmaker/producer? 

I don’t have only 1 so I’d have to mention Dj premier, timbaland, Apollo brown and El-P. 

What's in the tape deck of late? 

I’ve been bumping a lot of kaytranada. Dude is a machine! I love his approach to music and his versatility to bend genres. 

Favourite Book/podcast/source of knowledge source? 

I really enjoy listening to the joe Rogan experience 


Shoe/sneaker of choice? 

Jordan 5’s

What's your poison come party time on weekend? 

Mary Jane - sailor jerry & ginger ale 

Top 3 Rappers (personal choice)? 

NAS, Kendrick and Jay.

Top 3 Movies/TV Series? 

Game of Thrones, Boyz n the Hood, Superbad 


What do you love about Sydney? 

The Coffee 

What do you hate about Sydney? 

Sydney lifestyle can be very chaotic, everyone is stuck in the hustle and bustle of surviving here. As a result of that it’s a very busy city and traffic is a bitch. Oh and the lockouts are just ridiculous. They’ve had a really negative impact on not only the night life but also live music. 

What does Illeqwip mean for you?

Illeqwip to me has always been a platform for not just lovers of hip hop but creativity. Graffiti, music, photography, clothing, film, food, skateboarding - it incorporates all the elements and more.  It’s something that also represent Sydney to me. Not only because it’s home grown but you can’t go anywhere around here without seeing an Illeqwip sticker somewhere flooding the streets.  It’s unapologetically Sydney wether you like it or not and that shit is dope!


Below are some videos and links to back up why this man should be recognised. If you didn't know, know you now. Thanks for the music, P.

Written and Curated by Ryan Bennett

Ryan Bennett