BBQRAP is a live, and very intimate backyard gig that displays the depth and diversity of the local hip-hop scene here in Sydney, Australia.
Meshed with amazing food, created just for the event from a local chef, and documented in high-quality video and audio to be shared with the masses. 


Episode 1 saw the illeqwip® family venture into new territory hosting our first episode of BBQRAP.

BBQRAP is a new format that combines a very intimate, live hip-hop show, with incredible food, and hosts in a Sydney backyard.
Being long-time supporters and fans of the local hip-hop scene, we have always wanted to contribute and do our part to push forward the talented individuals and groups we are surrounded by. 
We are extremely lucky to have the support of so many local creatives, and there is never a better time than the present to start something new and exciting.


Before we get into the day that was, first some context on the name and its origins. BBQ RAP, at least in our experience, has been used as a way to pigeonhole and degrade “Aussie” Hip-hop as bogan, and racist. It’s used as a way to put something diverse and complex, into a box and put it on the shelf. Negative theme’s of Nationalism and overzealous pride can at times be caught up with the term and to us, this is total bullshit and not a true representation of what we see in the fabric of the culture today. Our experience with the local hip-hop scene is one of diversity and acceptance. 

Seeing first hand the immense talent that brews in our home city alone, we wanted to create an intimate setting for an audience to truly connect with an artist. What better way to do that then to mix a live and intimate performance with great Aussie tradition of a Backyard BBQ. 
Not wanting to exclude anyone beyond the 30 something people able to attend, we opened up the event online via our Facebook page and live streamed the entire show to the rest of the world.

Never ones to approach a project by halves, we were able to bring long-time supporter and our good friend 'Muffin' (aka. Andrew Madden) on board to handle the food and take things to whole new level. Along with the huge help of 'Shubham Dua', the homies did not disappoint. Working as a culinary teacher by day, and a chef by night, Muffin is no stranger to feeding the masses. From hand-making, the Milk buns the day before, to smoking the beef Bavette on site, to mixing the Pico De Gallo fresh for dem buns, not one shortcut was taken. Special mentions go out to grandma's potato salad and the cajun corn that graced the plate. Those that know, know.

Sunday the 26th of March 2017, and the weather could not have been any more perfect. Things kicked off early in the afternoon with the homie Prolifik The Gifted spinning on the decks. The smell of smoked beef began to fill the air as we kicked off the live stream and introduced the day, the concept, and welcomed all the attendees, both virtual and in person, to the show. 

'EaRelevant' took to the Microphone and wasted no time in doing what he does best. Utilising the intimate setting and showing off a diverse collection of tracks and styles, the local MC wooed the crowd with his honesty and humour. Dropping the occasional “Cash me inside how bo dah” to the passers-by, ER was the perfect candidate to get the BBQRAP ball rolling. With his compadre ‘Hazy’ of the 'OHSOHI' collective taking care of the 1's and 2's throughout his set, the two eased us into an afternoon of good vibes.

Far from just performing, ER was instrumental in the planning and running of BBQRAP, and we really couldn’t have done it without him. (You can check out his latest project R.I.P right here)


After a brief intermission and some “shoot from the hip” style live stream takeovers, we were back for round 2 and the second half of the show. 
Stomachs began to rumble as 'P. Smurf' took to the stage. Opening with clear, concise acapella's, speaking the truth on the sad state of the NSW government and the effect their over policing is having on the nightlight and music scene.

Did someone say freestyles? Shiiii...
Straight from the top in a fashion that would leave even the most seasoned MC’s checking themselves.  From there, it was business as usual for the Sydney Don. Delivering track after track in his style of double time rhymes and tight deliveries, the whole crowd was moving & shaking and passers-by were stopping to see what all the commotion was about.


Once the set was finished Prolifik The Gifted jumped back up to close out the night. A freestyle or 2 later the sun was down and the drinks continued to flow.

Special mentions go out to Billy Zammit and Kiera Chevell their incredible work capturing the event perfectly. The list of names to thank goes on. Everyone that helped make this happen, from the housemates to the crew that helped set up.
Thank you. 

...So, who’s up for episode 2?