illeqwip® Presents: 2UP


2UP is an exciting new event platform created by illeqwip® with the purpose of shining the light on some on Sydney’s most promising young artists.

2UP is made up of 4 key elements and aims to celebrate music, fashion, art & good bloody times.
The name 2UP forms the basis of the format for the show. A selection of hip-hop acts perform 2 of their best tracks to the intimate crowd.


The 4 elements that make up the show are:

  1. ART: Gallery space where a visual artist will display & sell their body of work.

  2. FASHION: illeqwip® pop-up shop featuring exclusive & limited edition soft goods.

  3. MUSIC: 6 - 8 artists. 2 Songs each. Intimate. Hype. Unforgettable.

  4. GOOD TIMES: Live DJ sets & complimentary drinks from the legendary Young Henrys & Frank Strongs.


2UP #1

Friday 8th of Feb 2019 @ Goodspace gallery, The Lord Gladstone, in Sydney Australia.

Featuring photographic exhibition by: Spendlove

Music Performances by:


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2UP #2 is on Friday March 29th. Goodspace gallery. The Lord Gladstone. Find out more about the event here.