illeqwip - THIS IS SYD

We are the product of our inspirations.

To us, there is no greater place than the city we call home.
But what we love about this city, isn’t seen by everyone.

Challenge your perspective, and you too might see this place the way we do.

This is Sydney.
We are illeqwip.

Cast & Crew:

Gabe Hutcheon / @GKHZ
Gabe Mullins / @japesd
Chris O’Donnell / Danger / @dngrone

Video production (Filming/editing/directing) : Daniel Bolt
Additional Camera: David May
Aerial Camera: Phil Lagettie

Music: Zaac Seru aka. Prolifik The Gifted 

Sound design & Voice over: James Yeremeyev

Assisted, directed & managed by: 
Kiera Chevell / @kierachevell
Lee Spendlove / @lee.spendlove